Value & Impact pilot higher education providers

Value & Impact

Four English higher education providers were selected to pilot the suggested value and impact tools from October 2010 to February 2011. The aim of this fieldwork was to collate information and develop case studies of 'proven’ tools that can be used to inform the sector’s understanding of the impact and value of services that support students. 


The four pilot higher education providers who tested and further developed tools for the Value & Impact toolkit were:

The services tested at one or more of the pilot higher education providers:

  • counselling
  • disability/dyslexia support
  • financial advice
  • mental health
  • study skills
  • international students

What did the pilots involve?

The higher education providers taking part in the pilots did the following:

  • Tested tools to determine their usefulness in assessing the value and impact of particular service.
  • Reported on their experiences and results from their evaluation of a limited number of support services.
  • Participated in a workshop in Spring 2011 to compare experiences and results.
  • Provided regular progress reports to the AMOSSHE Project Manager.

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