Membership structure and fees

AMOSSHE membership structure and fees

Find out about how AMOSSHE membership works and how much it costs:

Who can join AMOSSHE?

AMOSSHE membership is open to organisations that primarily deliver higher education level teaching provision and normally have a student population of at least 50% studying in higher education.

Most AMOSSHE member organisations are UK-based, but membership is also available for international higher education providers.

If you're an individual associated with an organisation that's an AMOSSHE member, you can join as an additional member for that organisation.


How is membership structured for UK higher education providers?

AMOSSHE UK higher education provider membership is available to UK-based organisations. Membership is tiered, depending on how many full-time equivalent students the organisation has (student FTE):

Membership tier
Student FTE
Tier 1 One to 10,000
Tier 2 10,000 to 20,000
Tier 3 Over 20,000

There are three types of named member within a UK higher education provider AMOSSHE membership, as follows.

Core membership

Each organisation has a core number of named members:

  • One named lead member who represents the higher education provider for membership votes. This is the only additional privilege that the lead member has. Lead members should be staff in leadership roles in Student Services.
  • A minimum of one named core member in addition to the lead member. Named core members get all the benefits of AMOSSHE membership as part of their organisation's core membership cost, except that they can't take part in membership votes. Larger institutions are entitled to greater numbers of named core members within their membership. The number of named core members per tier is:
    Tier 1 One core named member
    Tier 2
    Two core named members
    Tier 3
    Three core named members

Additional named members

Each member organisation can have any number of additional named members on top of the lead and core named members, for an extra cost per individual. These memberships are invoiced directly to the individual member. They get all the benefits of AMOSSHE membership, except that they can't take part in membership votes.

The additional members may include staff outside of the Student Services department, but they must be associated with a member organisation.


What about international membership?

International membership is for individuals at overseas higher education providers or similar bodies.

Each international member organisation has one named lead member. Any number of additional named members can join for an extra cost per individual, in the same way as for UK higher education provider members.


How much does membership cost?

AMOSSHE membership lasts for an academic year (1 September to 31 August). You can only pay for one year at a time. If your organisational membership begins over halfway through the academic year, you pay half the cost of a full year.

Fee rates for academic year 2016/17

Here are the fee rates for membership. You don't need to pay VAT.

AMOSSHE rates 2016/17

Please contact us for conversion rates for international membership.


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