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Translate this: Imperial unit gets warning of closure

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Imperial College London is consulting on plans to move or close its Translation Studies Unit.

No imminent return for free thinkers of exiled institution

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Temporary Lithuanian home for Belarusians offers unaccustomed freedom. Matthew Reisz reports

Competitive advantage wins singer a place in UEA's band

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Amelia Fletcher, indie musician and the OFT's former chief economist, takes chair at 'creative' UEA

Two decades to take out the 'trash', Mooc-style

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

MIT astrophysicist predicts bonfire of the inanities within US sector. Chris Parr reports

AAAS: public colleges will not perish from the earth

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

A project to assess the impact on public universities of cutbacks in government support, emerging technological changes and competition from private and foreign providers has been launched in the US.

City of Culture on the Foyle shored up by banks of scholarly talent

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Matthew Reisz on University of Ulster's starring role in Londonderry's winning bid for 2013 honours

News in brief

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00


The week in higher education

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Credit: Nick Newman

Odds and quads

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

Tom Eckersley (1914-97) was one of Britain's foremost graphic designers of the 20th century.

Campus round-up

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00

University of Warwick

News in brief

Thu, 02/07/2013 - 01:00


Student debt almost £1,500 even after state loans

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 01:00

University students owe an average of £1,409 of debt outside their state loans for tuition fees and living costs, a new study has found.

University of London protest seeks rights for outsourced workers

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 01:00

Around 70 protesters gathered outside the University of London's Senate House today to campaign for better rights for outsourced university staff.

EU research funding must be protected, Russell Group warns

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 01:00

Leaders of the Russell Group of research intensive universities have added their voices to the clamour calling for the European Union’s research and innovation funding to be protected.

Huddersfield lends to businesses in scholarships plan

Tue, 02/05/2013 - 01:00

The University of Huddersfield has unveiled pioneering plans to raise funds for scholarships by lending money to small businesses.

Inside Higher Ed: Mooc mess

Mon, 02/04/2013 - 01:00

By Scott Jaschik, for Inside Higher Ed

Richard III is found: Leicester academics confirm remains are those of English king

Mon, 02/04/2013 - 01:00

Academics from the University of Leicester have confirmed a skeleton found beneath a car park in the city is that of the English king, Richard III.

Edinburgh's Coursera-based Moocs attract 300,000

Sat, 02/02/2013 - 01:00

More than 300,000 people have signed up to the University of Edinburgh's free massive open online courses (Moocs) since they were first announced in July 2012, it has been revealed.

Tory MP Tredinnick's committee nomination sparks concern

Fri, 02/01/2013 - 01:00

A Tory MP renowned for pro-homeopathy views has been has been provisionally appointed as a member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Commercial pressure led to rushed job on for-profit title award

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 01:00

Hefce uneasy over University of Law deal and process for private applicants. John Morgan reports

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