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Here are AMOSSHE's public publications. AMOSSHE issues reports relating to its project work or in response to critical issues in the higher education sector. Most reports are only available online, to support our corporate social responsibility and ensure that as many people can access them as possible.

AMOSSHE responds to sector reports, papers and consultations that are relevant to our members, as well as public responses.

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Following each AMOSSHE Futures event, AMOSSHE publishes a discussion paper outlining some of the main arguments debated and the range of views on them.

For all AMOSSHE Futures publications, see AMOSSHE Futures.


Recent publications

26 May 2015

AMOSSHE's spring bulletin, a roundup of AMOSSHE news, events, and more. Read it here: AMOSSHE bulletin spring 2015.

2 March 2015

AMOSSHE's winter bulletin, a roundup of AMOSSHE news, events, and more: AMOSSHE bulletin winter 2015.

30 January 2015

AMOSSHE responds to the Prevent duty consultation.

28 November 2014

AMOSSHE's autumn bulletin, a roundup of AMOSSHE news, events, and more: AMOSSHE bulletin autumn 2014.


Previous publications


Members only documents

Some AMOSSHE publications are available for members only. To access these, log in and go to the members' resources.

In line with our publications schedule we make some of our member only materials public after a set amount of time has elapsed. Please see our Publications Schedule for more information on this. You can find it here: Operating policies and association documents.


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