Blackbullion kindly sponsors AMOSSHE in 2018.

About Blackbullion

Blackbullion is an award winning education technology company on a mission to make the world money smarter. We use the latest teaching methods and technology to bring financial education to schools and universities. Founded in 2014 by Vivi Friedgut, an Aussie who, after years in wealth management, decided to focus on financial and employability skills of the next generation.

Blackbullion is deployed across universities and colleges. Through short learning modules, it enables students to make more informed decisions about their finances whilst enhancing institutions’ recruitment, retention, attainment and widening participation initiatives. 

OFFA (Office For Fair Access) has advised that “Where Blackbullion is used in a targeted manner for students covered by your access agreement, you may include an appropriate proportion of the costs for OFFA to consider as part of your access agreement expenditure.”

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