Blackbullion kindly sponsors AMOSSHE in 2022.

Blackbullion is the Financial Wellbeing Platform on a mission to demystify the world of finance and improve access to funding for young people.

Our platform is available to over 1 million students at almost 50 partner universities and colleges and is deeply embedded into Student Support departments, helping with funds distribution and financial education.

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Foundations of financial wellbeing

By logging into our online platform, students have access to financial education courses, resources and tools on 80+ topics to help them develop essential money skills and confidence for life. There’s something for everyone; from those with little financial knowledge to students with aspirational money goals.

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“I found the Blackbullion platform very helpful. It’s great to have something that explains finance because it's a big thing when it comes to overall uni experience and wellbeing and it's not something you learn anywhere else.”

Renée Dzandzo-Caesar, Student, The University of Law

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Access to funding

Our Funds Management System (FMS) helps students discover funding they’re eligible for from their university or college, supports them through the application process and keeps them in the loop about its status. Significant time is saved for staff too thanks to the system’s automation features - the equivalent of 700 working days in 2021 alone!

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“The Funds Management System appeared at exactly the right time for us. I thought it would be amazing because we were using a very admin heavy, time-consuming process for financial support applications. We were looking at ways to rely more heavily on technology to cut down on time and manual admin.”

Hayley Borrett, Student Experience and Support Manager, Keele University

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Our impact on student financial wellbeing

  • £28 million saved collectively by Blackbullion student users last year
  • £5+ million awarded to students by our partners using the Funds Management System since October 2020
  • 95% of students would recommend Blackbullion to a friend
  • 92% of students feel more confident with their money after using Blackbullion
  • 57% of students who have considered dropping out claim using Blackbullion made them less likely to

Our community of 50 universities and colleges includes:

Imperial College London

University of Essex

King's College London

University of East London

Nottingham Trent University

University of Central Lancashire

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