AMOSSHE data protection policy

In order to fulfil its aims and objectives, good practice and legal obligations, AMOSSHE as a membership organisation collects, holds and processes information about its members. In addition to members’ information, AMOSSHE also collects, retains and processes data about those attending training or other events.

AMOSSHE holds two types of information:

  • Personal information about individual members, including name, position, institution and contact details.
  • Sensitive information about National Office staff and Executive members of the organisation, in order to fulfil basic requirements such as staff contracts and Executive registration with Companies House. Sensitive information (such as a person’s religion) may also be deduced from their dietary requirements for events and conferences.

AMOSSHE will not hold sensitive or personal information about a person without their knowledge and consent. It is important to note that if a member signs up for an event or conference they are automatically giving us permission to use their data for the said event only, to ensure that we can carry out our duties in line with the expectations of the event.

AMOSSHE will only hold information in order to carry out its objectives. We will not share a member’s data with third parties unless the member has given specific instruction for us to do so.

AMOSSHE seeks to promote networking and the sharing of best practice. In light of this we will seek to share members' personal information with other members through a database on the members-only areas of our website. Only members can access this information. By becoming a member of AMOSSHE you consent for us to use your data in this way. If you want to have your details removed from the website, you can log in to change the settings on your member profile. For help with this, please contact the AMOSSHE National Office.

The Vice Chair of AMOSSHE is the data controller and will ensure that all data is held securely within AMOSSHE.

AMOSSHE will only retain data that it is required to do so by law.

AMOSSHE will ensure that sensitive and personal information will be disposed of in a confidential manner.

All data will be securely stored either within locked filing cabinets or through secure online storage with passwords and encryption.


AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is a UK non-profit professional association. Company registration number 4778650.
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