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Responding to student mental health issues: 'duty of care' responsibilities for student services in higher education - good practice guide

This document was written in order to offer guidance to higher education institutions (HEIs), and in particular to managers of Student Services, in planning and developing policies, systems and structures that are mindful of the 'duty of care' that all HEIs owe to their students and prospective students, and in particular to those experiencing mental health difficulties. The document also provides an operational framework for meeting HEIs' responsibilities in the delivery of both academic and support services.

The document was produced by a Working Group of the Student Services Organisation, comprising Student Services staff from 11 HEIs (see Appendix 1) supported by legal advice from Eversheds Solicitors. The Working Group also contributed to the publication 'Guidelines on Student Mental Health Policies and Procedures for Higher Education' published in May 2000 by Universities UK.

This AMOSSHE document is intended to build on the useful content of the Universities UK publication and also takes account of feedback received from members of AMOSSHE during a one-day seminar held in March 2000 on the theme of 'Duty of Care for Student Support Services in Higher Education'.


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