Creating an anti-racist culture (pre-conference only)

  • 21 April 2021
  • 09:00 - 13:30
  • Online

Creating an anti-racist cultureCreating an anti-racist culture (pre-conference)

This free pre-conference event introduces you to the themes of our conference Creating an anti-racist culture: the role and impact of Student Services. This is an opportunity to find out more about our sponsor organisations and how their products and services can help to enhance the work of Student Services in higher education.

This is also a chance to engage with some of the ideas we'll be exploring in more detail at the main conference, and how our sponsors can work with you in your mission to create an anti-racist culture at your organisation.

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Location, time and price

This free online pre-conference event takes place on Wednesday 21 April 2021 from 09:00 to 13:30 (BST).

The event takes place online.

Programme and speakers

This event features a mix of presentations with Q&A, led by our sponsors and other sector organisations.

Time Session
Rotimi Akinsete
Jill Stevenson
Welcome and context*
Rotimi Akinsete (Executive Member and Associate Dean of Students (Wellbeing & Inclusion) at the University of the Arts, London) and Jill Stevenson (AMOSSHE Executive Member and Dean of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Director of Student Services at the University of Stirling) outline the context for the event.
Sarah Bevan
Tackling racial harassment in higher education: recommendations and next steps*
In November 2020 Universities UK published a new set of recommendations designed to decisively tackle racial harassment as part of efforts to address racial inequality in UK higher education. The recommendations are the product of an advisory group convened by Universities UK after the Equality and Human Rights Commission uncovered widespread evidence of racial harassment on university campuses. In this session Sarah Bevan (Policy Manager, Universities UK) provides a summary of the guidance, its aims and impact, as well as next steps for Student Services leaders to consider when implementing the recommendations.
09:35 Questions and answers with Sarah Bevan.
Mick Confrey
An ‘inquiring mindset’: tackling racism in higher education - how investigation training and practise influences change*
Mick Confrey heads Intersol Global’s operational division and manages a richly diverse team of highly skilled investigators with ‘lived experience’ of the issues at the heart of this conference. In this session he demonstrates how the team use this experience to train higher education staff to conduct non-judgemental open-minded investigations and support institutions with cultural and environmental reviews.
10:10 Break.
Jawahir Al-Mauly
Shaunna Carden
Enabling open, honest and inclusive conversations about mental health using the online support service*
Join this session, led by Jawahir Al-Mauly (Account Manager) and Shaunna Carden (Business Development Manager) from Togetherall, for a detailed overview of how Togetherall works as part of a toolkit of resources to support student and staff mental health, empowering Student Services leaders with an inclusive and safe support service to promote to black and ethnic minority communities. In addition, Togetherall shares top-level learnings from their conversations in the student mental health space regarding engaging hard-to-reach communities.
Nkasi Stoll
Black Student Wellbeing Study*
This session, led by Nkasi Stoll (PhD candidate, Black Student Wellbeing study Principal Investigator, King's College London, and Co-Founder and Co-Director of Black People Talk) provides an insight into the background, methods, and learnings from the Black Student Wellbeing study. This unique national qualitative study is capturing the life events and experiences that Black (African, Caribbean, Mixed with Black heritage) students report shape their mental health and wellbeing journeys at university. The study explores how institutional racism within UK higher education systems shape Black students' experiences and outcomes. The Black Student Wellbeing study is being carried out at King's College London, funded by the LISS-DTP ESRC (London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership Economic and Social Research Council) and supported by Student Minds.
11:30 Questions and answers with Nkasi Stoll.
11:35 Break.
Frank Griffiths
Louise Bench
Student conduct management: securely, sensitively, efficiently and with transparency*
A conduct case is a conduct case; true, although conduct cases are rarely identical. Students and institutions deserve every case to be analysed independently, as though it were the first of its kind, but also incorporating learnings and experience from past cases. Today's student is from a generation of tech-savvy students who take for granted high-quality digital engagement. This session, led by Frank Griffiths (Head of Europe) and Louise Bench (Solutions Architect) from Symplicity highlights the power of the digital platform, in this case, Symplicity Advocate, to ensure optimal pre-defined, but flexible workflows, the correct depth of analysis and the ability to securely engage third party entities, resulting in fair, correct outcomes.
Gordon McKenzie
Kate Wicklow
GuildHE’s anti-racism programme: actions and lessons from the last year*
Over the last 10 months GuildHE has been delivering a holistic Anti-Racism Programme to staff within its member institutions across all departments of the institution. In this session Gordon McKenzie (Chief Executive) and Kate Wicklow (Policy Manager) cover what GuildHE has done (and importantly why), and now, nearly a year on, what they are thinking about next.
12:55 Questions and answers with GuildHE.
13:00 Networking and discussion
This is an opportunity to network with colleagues and our conference sponsors to discuss the topics raised during the event so far.

*You'll receive recordings of these sessions after the event.

You'll receive recordings of the event sessions afterwards, as well as any presentations or resources. The recordings won't include discussion sessions, workshops, ‘Chatham House rule’ sections or presentation sessions that speakers prefer not to share in this way.

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