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“Higher Education discipline investigations, poorly conducted and managed, cost futures, careers, reputations, and lives”

Proposals by the Office for Students in their 2020 ‘statement of expectations’ expect universities and colleges to investigate complaints made in relation to any of its registered students and that “the investigation process should be demonstrably fair, independent, and free from any reasonable perception of bias”, and that “all panel members should be appropriately trained in handling complaints of this nature and be independent from the investigatory process and specific case being considered”.

Certainly when the misconduct is so serious that in any other context it would amount to criminality there is often an over reliance and frankly unrealistic expectation of the capability of university management staff to have the specialist skills that equip them to interview those reporting or reported of serious ill-discipline. The team at Intersol Global have been supporting this sector with first class external investigation services for many years and have identified a recurring theme:

  • Competency
  • Capacity

Intersol provide a world-class support service training and qualifying higher education staff to investigate the low-risk, high-incidence, simple incidents whilst supporting them operationally as external investigators of complex, high-risk, but low-volume incidents, delivering outcomes for all university stakeholders that are reliable and fair.


Because investigations conducted poorly have potential to seriously impact on the health, well-being, and reputation of all, the reporting person as much as the reported.

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