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JS Group kindly sponsors AMOSSHE in 2023.

Driving better investment in student engagement and futures

We are a trusted friend and expert partner for many universities across the UK and can trace our roots back to 1751, running a bookshop to support the University of Glasgow.

We have a long history of delivering and managing student bursaries, scholarships, emergency cash and other student financial support in ways that drive better investment in student engagement and futures. Our aspiration is to support better learner and life outcomes for all students we work with.

Currently working with more than 30 UK universities and 400,000 students – mostly from under-represented groups – we:

  • Deliver innovative and tailored student engagement schemes;
  • Transform the delivery and impact of bursaries, scholarships and other financial support;
  • Improve learner and life outcomes through access to rich resources;
  • Support student retention and progression;
  • Provide data and insight on student behaviour to steer better investment decisions;
  • Embed better career opportunities for students from under-represented groups.

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Our university partners report that we remove administrative and cost burdens for them while providing the data and insight that ensures maximum student benefit for their financial investment in student support.

Our innovative Aspire software platform enables delivery of:

  • Cash awards and grocery vouchers to students – with low administration and fast delivery to students.
  • Credit schemes where students are allocated funds to be used to purchase study related resources.

The Aspire platform is part of our extensive Student Engagement Portal, which is presented as a rich resource provided by their institution and some elements can be customised to suit the needs of each partner. It allows students to:

  • Withdraw and use the funds that they have been awarded;
  • Find and purchase recommended resources for their course and a wide range of goods to help them make the most of their time at university. We ensure that recommended course resources and items that help students are available. The commercial team at JS Group can source any item and the most popular categories for students are digital equipment, books, stationery and office, sports and fitness, home items, branded goods and nursing and medical equipment;
  • Access significant HE Information, Advice & Guidance. Full of inspiration, encouragement and fresh insight, its purpose is to boost learner and life outcomes. Content is generated by a mix of expert sector creators and curators as well as student voices relevant to all students by year. It is designed to be holistic and connected within the site as well as to signpost to relevant, high quality, content elsewhere, plus we hold free online “Boost Your Skills” events, aligning with the student journey across the academic year.

For more information about our services and our exciting new Diversity into Work initiative, visit our JS Group website or contact Julie Walkling, Director of Academic Partnerships: julie.walkling@jsgroup.co.uk.

AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is a UK non-profit professional association. Company registration number 4778650.
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