National Conference 2020: call for session proposals

The AMOSSHE National Conference 2020 is the UK’s foremost opportunity for Student Services leaders to share expertise and good practice, develop strategy and skills, and build professional networks. The key themes for this conference are inspiration, design and excellence.

We want your proposals for informative and stimulating workshops or presentations that will engage delegates and contribute to everyone’s understanding and professional development.

Please submit your session proposals by 17:00 on Monday 24 February 2020.

Find out more:

Find out more about the conference here: AMOSSHE National Conference 2020.

AMOSSHE National Conference 2020


You must submit your session proposal no later than 17:00 on Monday 24 February 2020

About the conference

The AMOSSHE National Conference brings together a wealth of experience and expertise (over 300 Student Services and sector leaders from 150 higher education providers and sector organisations), which makes it the ideal forum to explore key themes for Student Services in higher education.

The conference takes place between Wednesday 8 July and Friday 10 July 2020 at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Find out more here: AMOSSHE National Conference 2020.


About the conference sessions

The conference team is looking for inspiring sessions that contribute expertise, share ideas and stimulate discussion. For example, you and your colleagues may have undertaken initiatives or research that others can learn from; you may have inspiring success stories to tell; you may have worked with other organisations to successfully overcome a challenge or develop new opportunities for enhancing student success; or there may be challenges that you want to explore in a structured way in order to share good practice and develop new strategies.

All the sessions must address topics of interest to Student Services professionals, and we especially welcome proposals for sessions that explore:

  • Inspiration – inspiring colleagues to do their very best, creating open, supportive environments for both staff and students to pursue an inspirational journey, and developing narratives that inspire and influence.
  • Design – creating innovative initiatives, projects and approaches to Student Services design, using evidence to identify needs or gaps, and evaluating to demonstrate real impact.
  • Excellence – imagining the future we want to move to, the creative steps to get there, and identifying what excellence in Student Services really means.

There are two session formats that you can propose:

  • Workshops – AMOSSHE particularly welcomes proposals for interactive workshops that encourage delegates to take part in activities, such as group work, contributing ideas, experience and best practice, giving presentations and suchlike. Feedback from our previous conferences shows that workshop sessions are the most popular and useful for delegates. You can choose to lead a workshop session lasting for 60 or 90 minutes. If you begin your workshop with a short presentation, this should take no more than 20 minutes, and the main content should involve audience participation. Workshops could take the form of facilitated discussions and/or case study scenarios.
  • Presentations – You can propose to make a presentation about a subject of interest to Student Services professionals, aligned to the conference themes. Your presentation session should be 60 minutes long, including at least 15 minutes for questions and answers. The presentation should be engaging and informative, preferably with a slideshow that can be distributed to members later.

The conference team will do their best to accommodate room seating and presenter support requests where possible. Each session leader and co-presenter must register as a conference delegate for at least the day on which their session takes place. Please consider whether the number of co-presenters is appropriate for your session. For example, if your session is a presentation, three or more presenters might feel disjointed.


Who can submit a proposal?

AMOSSHE welcomes session proposals from organisations and individuals across the higher education sector, including AMOSSHE named members, colleagues at AMOSSHE member organisations, other education providers, and both not-for-profit and corporate organisations.

If your session proposal is accepted, each session leader and co-presenter must register as a conference delegate for at least the day on which their session takes place.


Why should I submit a proposal?

The AMOSSHE National Conference needs the imaginative input of AMOSSHE members and the broader sector in order to be truly relevant and productive for Student Services professionals. Your participation shapes the agenda and ensures that the conference is relevant, useful, and inspiring.

Leading a workshop or presenting your work at our conference is a good way to explore new ideas, get feedback on your work, develop your professional confidence and standing, and start new discussions. For Student Services professionals, being part of the AMOSSHE National Conference programme is a prestigious professional development opportunity. You can raise your personal profile, draw attention to your work, benefit from peer perspectives, and develop new networks of colleagues with similar interests and areas of expertise.

For corporate organisations, you're more likely to create effective and meaningful relationships with AMOSSHE members by using case studies to evidence the impact your product or service has made on the work of Student Services and the student experience. We advise avoiding a hard sell approach, as this is unlikely to engage delegates at an AMOSSHE conference. You might also consider becoming a conference sponsor, which gives you the opportunity to lead a 30 minute presentation as part of the conference programme. Find out more about National Conference sponsorship.


Can I get help with my proposal idea?

If you have an idea for a session proposal, but you’re not sure how to develop it – for example, whether to make it a workshop or presentation, or how to align it to the conference themes – please get in touch! Email the AMOSSHE National Office team at for help and advice.


How do I submit a proposal?

You can submit a proposal as follows:

  1. Download this form: session proposal form (docx 68 KB).
  2. Fill in the form and save it. Details of what you need to include are below.
  3. Email the form to

Please submit your proposal for consideration by 17:00 on Monday 24 February 2020.

AMOSSHE will give you feedback about your proposals no later than week commencing 16 March 2020.


How many proposals can I submit?

You can submit as many session proposals for consideration as you like. For each one, please submit a separate form.


How does AMOSSHE decide which proposals to accept?

The conference team will carefully consider all session proposals, and choose the successful proposals by asking the following questions:

  • Is the session engaging, informative, inspiring?
  • Is the session relevant to Student Services professionals and current priorities for the sector?
  • Does the session engage with the conference themes?
  • Will the session contribute to AMOSSHE members’ continuing professional development?

Your session proposal should answer these questions satisfactorily.


What happens if my proposal is accepted?

The AMOSSHE National Office team will let you know whether your proposal is successful no later than week commencing 16 March 2020. 

If your session proposal is accepted, each session leader and co-presenter must register as a conference delegate for at least the day on which their session takes place. AMOSSHE will register the session leader and co-presenters as delegates as soon as booking opens, to ensure that you get the best rates.

Unfortunately, AMOSSHE can’t contribute to your expenses (for example, travel, accommodation).

The conference team will give you feedback about your proposal, and may make suggestions to further enhance the session. We’ll also discuss and agree with you an advance date for you to send a copy of your completed presentation and any other session materials. These materials will be made available in the members’ area of this website following the conference, unless there are particular issues of confidentiality or inaccuracy that would make this inappropriate.


Where can I find more information?

For more information about the AMOSSHE National Conference 2020 and submitting a session proposal, please contact us or look here: AMOSSHE National Conference 2020.


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