Statement in response to the killing of George Floyd

08 June 2020 13:36 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Racism and discrimination are unacceptable. The killing of George Floyd is a reminder that racism is a systemic challenge in our society. Sadly, this is true for the UK as well as for the USA. AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is committed to creating communities based on dignity, respect and equal opportunities. The AMOSSHE Executive Committee and National Office stand in solidarity with Black colleagues, students, community leaders and all those fighting racial injustice and inequality across the world.

Everyone has the responsibility to understand and learn more about the impact of societal, structural, and institutional racism, and to work together to tackle this. It’s not just the responsibility of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues and students. It’s important that we listen to the voices of our Black colleagues and students when they describe their experiences of microaggressions, discrimination and racism and that we develop the skills and confidence to recognise and challenge these unacceptable behaviours. AMOSSHE aims to support our members in Student Services to do this, through our network, resources and professional development opportunities.

We are committed to promoting inclusive university communities that meet the diverse needs of our students. Our members can find professional development resources here about safeguarding and duty of care to all students, unconscious bias, and how Student Services can more effectively engage and support students from different racial, cultural and minority groups, so that these students feel comfortable, included and understood when accessing services.

We recently hosted a member discussion about access to and participation in higher education for underrepresented groups. And we’re planning to deliver a professional development event in the new academic year about understanding and appreciating intersectionality in order to effectively support students and staff.

We want to hear from our members to help us develop more resources and approaches to addressing racism in higher education. Contact us here.

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