Current AMOSSHE projects

AMOSSHE undertakes a number of national and local projects in order to support the higher education sector in delivering excellent Student Services. Here are the details of the AMOSSHE projects currently underway:


Each year AMOSSHE commissions a range of small projects from member organisations as part of AMOSSHE Insight. AMOSSHE is committed to a research agenda led by our members' priorities, to support your professional development and broaden the evidence base for Student Services in the UK. AMOSSHE is keen to support members' project work in order to share innovative research, expertise and best practice across the Student Services sector, and enable continuing development and improvement. This is the purpose and goal of AMOSSHE Insight: to develop and share insights for the benefit of all members.

2017/18 projects

In the 2017/18 academic year AMOSSHE is supporting two projects that aim to result in a clear benefit to the wider student experience community: for example, sharing research findings, good practice, or practical tools. AMOSSHE especially encourages projects that align to AMOSSHE's strategic themes. Find out more about the call for project proposals.

Inclusive learning

Inclusive learning environments (University of Winchester)

AMOSSHE Insight project

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Alcohol interventions

Addressing alcohol abuse (University of St Andrews)

AMOSSHE Insight project

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2016/17 projects

Beginning in the 2016/17 academic year, AMOSSHE is supporting four projects in collaboration with Unite Students on the theme “student resilience in an accommodation setting”. Find out more about the special call for project proposals on this specific theme: call for proposals (members only).

Group interventions

Group interventions to enhance resilience (University of Stirling)

AMOSSHE Insight - group interventions

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Resilience course

Mind resilience course (Bournemouth University)

AMOSSHE Insight - Mind resilience course

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AMOSSHE also funded three Student Services projects on member-led themes, beginning in 2016/17, designed to result in clear benefits to the wider student experience community. Find out more about the call for project proposals.

Career resilience

Growing through failure: enhancing students’ career resilience (University of Edinburgh)

AMOSSHE Insight 2016/17 - career resilience

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Sexual misconduct

Student expectations of university responses to sexual misconduct disclosures (University of Liverpool)

AMOSSHE Insight 2016/17 - sexual misconduct

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Mental health tools

Digital tools for staff to support students’ mental health (University of the Highlands and Islands)

AMOSSHE Insight 2016/17 - mental health

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Resilience toolkit

Resilience Toolkit (opens in a new window)In February 2018 AMOSSHE launched the Resilience Toolkit: an open, online resource bank of research, case studies and practical tools to help Student Services professionals in higher education develop student resilience to stress, anxiety and similar barriers to achievement and success.

The toolkit advocates a positive and proactive approach to student resilience, focusing on what higher education providers can do to develop supportive, enabling cultures for students by making improvements to their physical and social environment.

The project was made possible by funding from Unite Students, the UK’s largest manager and developer of purpose-built student accommodation, who are driven to provide a ‘Home For Success’ for almost 50,000 students across the UK. It builds on the theoretical model published in their Student Resilience: Exploring the positive case for resilience report (May 2017), which explores the positive case for resilience.

Find out more and access the toolkit resources here: Resilience Toolkit.


Completed projects

You can find reports and outcomes from completed AMOSSHE projects here: reports and guides.


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