Support for students studying abroad: guidelines

This document provides guidelines for the managers of support services in UK higher education provider organisations about supporting students who are studying abroad. Use these guidelines to help you refine your service provision, support your student-facing colleagues, and communicate with students.

These guidelines were collated from input by working groups and reviewers representing AMOSSHE The Student Services Organisation, HUCS (Heads of University Counselling Services), UMHAN (University Mental Health Advisers Network) and various higher education providers.

These guidelines discuss support provision by UK higher education providers for students who are outside the UK. The provision focuses on online counselling / mental health support appointments, and supporting students who are in crisis. The guidelines include:

  • Considerations for what a higher education provider should undertake
  • Good practice guidelines for online counselling / mental health support
  • Good practice guidelines for supporting students in crisis
  • Support resources for students and staff
  • Protocol for preparing students to study abroad
  • Template for data collection ahead of travel / study
  • Templates for communications in advance of an online session
  • Template for communications at the start of an online session
  • Protocol when a student is in crisis

Support for students studying abroad: guidelines (PDF 990 KB)

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