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Togetherall: online mental health support community

Supporting 175 educational institutions, Togetherall (previously ‘Big White Wall’) is a unique, online mental wellbeing support community, available to over 2 million students and staff.

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Members can connect anonymously in a safe space, moderated 24/7 by counsellors and therapists. By sharing their feelings as part of a community, members can support each other, work though issues and feel better.

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Togetherall is:

  • Available to over 2 million students and staff
  • Moderated and monitored by registered mental health practitioners (BACP members or equivalent)
  • Able to integrate with existing counselling, EAP and campus services
  • Scalable and cost efficient
  • Accessible 24/7, instantly, all year around
  • Robust, with clinical escalation and safeguarding procedures

Togetherall features

How it works

See how Togetherall provides support and empowers students and staff through self-directed courses, assessments and resources – all in one place.

How we help

When a student needed a place to talk about her mental health, our community was there.

Our community of universities includes:

University of Aberdeen     University of Bristol

King's College London

Sheffield Hallam University    Manchester Metropolitan University

Our impact

“Using Togetherall has proved to be an extremely positive experience for both students and staff. The overriding theme of feedback from students has been about how safe and supportive it feels to share feelings with others online, thus feeling less isolated and able to work through a variety of emotions. Staff working with students have really appreciated having Togetherall as a resource to recommend to them, and now being able to use Togetherall themselves means they are getting support and are able to talk with confidence to students about how useful the facility is.”

Kate Waugh, Deputy Director of Student Affairs, Birmingham City University

  • 46% of students said they don’t access any other form of healthcare support
  • 45% of students say they feel less isolated after using Togetherall
  • 40% of students state using Student Wellbeing Services less since joining
  • Nearly 30% of staff state they have used GP/Counsellor/Therapist services less since joining

“Introducing Togetherall as part of our support for students has been much more successful than we could have anticipated. Working in partnership with our Students’ Union, we were able to use the most effective channels to make our students aware of the support, meaning that they engaged with it effectively from the beginning. Colleagues in counselling and mental health advice have also incorporated Togetherall into their practice with students, using it as part of safety plans and active management of all kinds of mental health condition. We know from feedback that our students have appreciated having a platform which is available to them in their own time, and allows them to feel less alone when trying to manage their wellbeing. Online support will continue to be a critical part of our developing multi-channel approach to ensuring that our students are able to engage successfully with their studies.”

Kirsty Palmer, Director of Student Services, Cardiff Metropolitan University

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If you are interested in offering scalable ways to support mental health and wellbeing, contact us to find out more about Togetherall.

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