UniSmart kindly sponsors AMOSSHE in 2019.

About UniSmart

UniSmart is the live induction presentation that engages, reassures, and informs students at their first point of arrival at the university.

Currently in its 20th year, UniSmart content has been continually researched, developed and honed. Over three quarters of a million students have enjoyed the benefits of this uniquely effective presentation.

Last year, UniSmart was experienced by students in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Spain.

After UniSmart, students feel more confident and prepared as they are equipped with tools to succeed, and clearly recognise how to get help and support at their university.

In 2018, in the UK and Spain, 87% of students said they were more likely to seek help after seeing the presentation, and 93% agreed UniSmart should be an integral part of induction.

UniSmart uses timely, relevant, and highly engaging content to cover a wide range of topics in just 70 minutes. The style is fresh and the dynamic delivery means that students will remember the information, often for many years. UniSmart is always the standout event at orientation, and helps to improve retention.

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Our content comes from two sources:

  1. Over 10 years of survey data identifying students' top concerns when starting university.
  2. Our clients - we take specific information from universities we work with and integrate this into each session. Services at the institution are referred to by name throughout the presentation.

We are a social enterprise company from Christchurch, New Zealand and are working to change the world one student at a time.

“I will never forget the UniSmart lecture, [it] really reached out to me on the scale of trying to make new friends - thank you.”

University of Wolverhampton student 2018

“Fun, engaging, and relevant :) [UniSmart] 100% should be made part of introduction for 1st years.”

City, University of London student 2018

“83% of our students told us they are more likely to seek help after seeing UniSmart.”

Claire Parkin, Student Experience Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

“Funny and helpful, [UniSmart] makes me feel more comfortable because my feelings are totally normal.”

Bath Spa University
student 2018

To find out more about UniSmart at www.unismart.biz.

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