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Blackbullion is the financial wellbeing platform and app equipping students with money skills and confidence. The platform also houses the UK’s largest hub of student support funds, scholarships and grants, and the leading tool for staff to manage and deliver university funds.

We partner with over 75 universities, colleges and businesses across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to proactively support student financial wellbeing, optimise funds management processes and save staff time. Over £20 million has been given to students through our award-winning platform to date.

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Financial education

Blackbullion is the all-in-one money management space where students can go to learn about money, find more money and manage their money.

By logging into their Blackbullion account, they’ll find award-winning online financial education that demystifies the world of finance, so they can thrive during their studies and beyond.

Meanwhile, our personal finance app is the first built specifically for students. Designed to help them to put their financial skills into practice and make their money last until the end of term.

Get more information about our financial education and app here.

“I found the Blackbullion platform very helpful. It’s great to have something that explains finance because it's a big thing when it comes to overall uni experience and wellbeing and it's not something you learn anywhere else.”

Renée Dzandzo-Caesar, Student, The University of Law

The largest hub of support funds, scholarships and grants for students

The Blackbullion Funding Hub is the UK’s largest hub of support funds, scholarships and grants for students. Providing students with one place to search and apply for tens of millions of pounds worth of supplementary funds.

These include support funds from their place of study, as well as scholarships from our corporate partners. Many of which come with employment opportunities too.

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“I didn’t expect that you could search and apply for funds, and it made it a lot easier than having to search for each one individually because I could filter for my course. If I found Blackbullion sooner it would have saved me a lot of time and made my life a lot easier.”

First year student, University of York

Funds Management System for staff

Dozens of universities and colleges are using our Funds Management System (FMS) to manage an unlimited number of support funds and save staff significant time in reduced admin. While providing an easier, faster and less stressful application experience for students too.

It’s not just for hardship funding; with department-specific access, the FMS can be used to manage every type of support fund, scholarship and bursary at your organisation. Meaning multiple staff teams can benefit from the powerful automation features and workload management tools.

And with our Instant Payments feature, you can make secure payments in seconds to further save time, reduce staff workload and get funds to the students who need them much quicker.

Over 320,000 automated emails were sent to students last year by the FMS, in relation to funding applications - saving staff from having to send these manually. If we assume it would take 3 minutes to send each email manually, this meant 667 days were collectively saved for staff. That’s the equivalent of sending emails all day, every day for nearly 2 years!

Find out what our FMS can do for you here.

“It’s so easy and makes processing applications so much quicker, enabling us to do our job as best we can for the benefit of our students. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from students.”

Rachel Leighton-Jones, Financial Support Officer, University of Essex

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Our impact on student financial wellbeing

  • 95% of students would recommend Blackbullion to a friend.
  • 89% feel confident with their money after using Blackbullion.
  • 57% of those who have considered dropping out say using Blackbullion made them less likely to do so.
  • 45% of students say they are more able to focus on their studies as a result of applying for funding on Blackbullion.
  • £20+ million awarded to students through Blackbullion.

Our community of 75+ universities, colleges and businesses includes:

Imperial College London

University of Essex

King's College London

University of East London

Nottingham Trent University

University of Central Lancashire

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