AMOSSHE is a key voice of Student Experience leaders

AMOSSHE is a professional membership association for leaders of Student Services in UK higher education. Student Services departments in nearly all publicly funded UK higher education providers are members of AMOSSHE, as well as several overseas universities.

AMOSSHE members shape the student experience in higher education

AMOSSHE informs and supports the leaders of Student Services in the UK, and represents, advocates for and promotes the student experience worldwide.

Our members’ work supports students in fulfilling their academic potential and making the most of university life. Many of our members’ services specifically help the most vulnerable students to experience higher education in a fair manner. Our members’ services are delivered in a professional way with a commitment to equality of opportunity and the promotion of an inclusive university community that meets the needs of the diverse student body.

Through a commitment to peer support and sharing of practice our members contribute to the development of Student Services’ professional practice in higher education.

AMOSSHE empowers Student Service leaders

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