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    • 26 June 2024
    • 28 June 2024
    • Crowne Plaza, Glasgow
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    AMOSSHE National ConferenceAMOSSHE National Conference 2024

    The AMOSSHE National Conference 2024 is the UK’s foremost opportunity for Student Services leaders in higher education to share expertise and good practice, develop strategy and skills, and build professional networks.

    Find out more about the conference:

    About the conference

    The AMOSSHE National Conference brings together a wealth of experience and expertise, which makes it the ideal forum to explore key themes for Student Services in higher education.

    The conference takes place from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 June 2024 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

    The conference is for in-person delegates only. Sessions at the conference will not be recorded or streamed online.

    The conference explores how Student Services leaders and professionals can be more:

    • Collaborative - working together with colleagues and students across and between our institutions, as well as statutory services, local and national associations, governments and charities, and other higher education providers in the UK and abroad.
    • Supportive - delivering excellent services and opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse student populations, while also supporting ourselves and our colleagues to thrive and develop.
    • Impactful - taking a lead in professional innovation and practice, setting and attaining high standards, and sharing expertise and good practice to help raise the standard and reach of all our work.

    Take a look at the full programme, details about our speakers and sponsors, the venue and more on our event website:

    Conference website

    Our call for session proposals is now closed Find out more here: National Conference 2024: call for session proposals.



    Booking for the AMOSSHE National Conference 2024 is open from Monday 11 March to Friday 31 May 2024.

    Book to attend all three days of the conference (residential or non-residential) here:

    Full conference booking

    Book to attend as a day delegate or evening event attendee here:

    Day or evening booking

    Find out about the conference prices. Before you book to attend, please read our booking terms and conditions.



    The cost of the conference depends on whether the delegate is:

    • An AMOSSHE named member.
    • A non-member (other employees of an AMOSSHE member organisation, individuals, not-for-profit organisations, higher education providers not associated with AMOSSHE).
    • A non-member representing a corporate organisation.

    Please make sure you choose the correct rate when you book (members need to log in to see the member rate).

    You can choose to attend as a residential delegate or non-residential day delegate:

    • Residential places are for all three days of the conference, including accommodation for two nights at the conference venue with all meals, and all evening events.
    • Non-residential day places include lunch and refreshments only. You can attend the evening events on 26 and 27 June for an extra charge. If you choose not to book a residential place, AMOSSHE can't arrange accommodation for you, but here are some alternative accommodation options.

    Here are the prices:

    Type of delegate AMOSSHE named member Non-member Corporate
    Residential £780 £900 £1,050
    Three days non-residential
    £550 £690 £840
    Wednesday only
    £160 £235 £285
    Thursday only £285 £385 £450
    Friday only £160 £235 £285

    Non-residential day delegates can attend the evening networking events for an extra charge as follows:

    • Wednesday 26 June (networking meal) - £60
    • Thursday 27 June (gala dinner) - £80

    These events includes dinner, drinks and entertainment.

    You don’t need to pay VAT for AMOSSHE events. Before you book to attend, please read our booking terms and conditions.

    You can pay:

    • Online by credit or debit card, or
    • By invoice to pay by bank transfer or cheque.

    If you choose to pay online but then decide to pay by a different method, please email for help. AMOSSHE will make every effort to ensure that you are charged the correct booking rate. However, please note that it's your responsibility to provide the correct information and choose the correct rate applicable to you.


    Reduced fee places available to encourage participation

    We want colleagues from across the higher education student support sector to take part in our National Conference 2024, including those who have less opportunity to engage with an event of this kind. We want to help with the professional development of colleagues who are:

    • Starting on their Student Services leadership career (for example, early career professionals).
    • Working in circumstances that limit their opportunities for professional development (for example, those from small and specialist organisations where resources for professional development are tight).
    • From diverse backgrounds, who want to bring their perspectives and insights to the conference conversations and contribute to our network of Student Services leaders.

    Two residential places are available at a reduced fee of £625 each for colleagues working in higher education support roles who might otherwise find it difficult to attend.

    The reduced fee places are for all three days of the conference, and include accommodation at the conference venue, all meals and access to the evening events. Travel to and from the conference isn’t included, so you’ll need to arrange and pay for this yourself.

    In return for the reduced fee place, we’ll arrange for you to meet the conference leads during the event to gather your feedback, and we'll ask you to record a short vlog or write a short article about what you learned at the conference, the value of attending to your professional development, and how others might benefit by taking part. We’ll publish your vlog or article on our website.

    Here's how to apply for one of the reduced fee places:

    1. Write a short expression of interest (no more than 500 words) telling us why you're the right person to take one of the discounted places, and how it will benefit your professional development.
    2. Get agreement from your line manager (or similar) that they will give you the time to attend the conference, pay the discounted fee and support you with other costs (for example travel).
    3. Email your expression of interest, along with your line manager’s name, job title and email address to Benjamin at by Friday 26 April 2024.

    We’ll confirm whether your application is successful in week commencing 29 April 2024.


    Conference partners

    Randstad Student Support (opens in a new window)

    Symplicity (opens in a new window)

    GoodCourse (opens in a new window)

    Spectrum.Life (opens in a new window)


    Conference exhibitors

    targetconnect (opens in a new window)

    Togetherall (opens in a new window)

    TalkCampus (opens in a new window)

    Ellucian (opens in a new window)

    Problem Shared (opens in a new window)

    Galvia (opens in a new window)

    Blackbullion (opens in a new window)

    Epigeum (opens in a new window)

    Intersol Global (opens in a new window)

    CampusLife (opens in a new window)

    ServiceNow (opens in a new window)

    Endsleigh (opens in a new window)


    Virtual exhibitor

    Barry Bennett (opens in a new window)


    Your data

    We handle your personal data according to our privacy policy. We won't share your personal data with speakers, session leaders or sponsors, unless you consent to this on the form when you register.


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