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    • 13 July 2022
    • 15 July 2022
    • Crowne Plaza Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle upon Tyne

    AMOSSHE National Conference 2022

    AMOSSHE The Student Services Organisation is dedicated to the professional development of Student Services leaders in UK higher education. The AMOSSHE National Conference is the UK’s foremost opportunity for Student Services leaders to share expertise and good practice, develop strategy and skills, and build professional networks.

    Date and location

    The conference takes place from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 July 2022. Sessions take place during the day in the British Summer Time (BST) time zone.

    The conference takes place at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle Stephenson Quarter hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

    Look out for more more details about the conference, including the call for session proposals, coming soon!

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Past events

16 September 2021 Working together to improve student outcomes for all students
18 August 2021 Innovative and collaborative approaches to improving mental health outcomes for students
14 July 2021 AMOSSHE National Conference 2021
19 May 2021 Self-care in Student Services
21 April 2021 Creating an anti-racist culture (full conference)
21 April 2021 Creating an anti-racist culture (pre-conference only)
10 March 2021 Rethinking disability services for a post-pandemic world
22 January 2021 Digital poverty in the context of Student Services
04 December 2020 Intersectionality and Student Services
18 November 2020 More with less?
17 November 2020 AMOSSHE South West meeting
06 November 2020 AMOSSHE Wales meeting
14 October 2020 Student mental health
03 September 2020 Personal Academic Tutoring and Student Services
10 July 2020 Humour as a thinking skill
10 July 2020 Poppy’s wild week
09 July 2020 AMOSSHE gala quiz
09 July 2020 Intersectional approaches to target mental health support for students
09 July 2020 Enhancing financial capabilities on campus
09 July 2020 Student Services through another lens
08 July 2020 Supporting estranged students
08 July 2020 Helping socially isolated students to make social connections
07 July 2020 Student Services in purpose-built student accommodation
07 July 2020 Responsible drinking on campus
06 July 2020 Trying to create happiness in the workplace
06 July 2020 Inspiration, design and excellence
06 July 2020 AMOSSHE National Conference 2020
23 June 2020 Consumer law implications of COVID-19
16 June 2020 Consent is everything
04 June 2020 Degrees of sanity
05 May 2020 What's the future for Student Services information?
08 April 2020 Managing your Student Services team remotely
14 February 2020 Mental health and wellbeing
24 January 2020 AMOSSHE Midlands non-leads meeting
06 December 2019 Student centre vs students at the centre
01 November 2019 Safeguarding and duty of care
03 July 2019 AMOSSHE National Conference 2019
12 April 2019 Welcome to planet Student Services
22 March 2019 Shaping the story
08 February 2019 Data-driven, technology-enabled services for students
07 December 2018 Safeguarding vs duty of care
09 November 2018 Positive approaches for growth and success
04 July 2018 Shaping Futures
18 May 2018 Resilience in higher education
04 May 2018 “My” Student Services
20 April 2018 Influence and impact
02 March 2018 “My” Student Services
09 February 2018 Building belonging
08 December 2017 Universal design for learning
17 November 2017 Dealing with student mental health crises
05 July 2017 360 degree thinking
22 May 2017 Tackling gender-based violence
12 May 2017 Lead on
27 April 2017 Understanding cultural differences
23 March 2017 Supporting trans students
17 February 2017 Engaging communities
25 November 2016 Tackling gender-based violence

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