Each academic year AMOSSHE is supported by the generous sponsorship of organisations working in the higher education sector. AMOSSHE works with supporters for the benefit of our members and the student experience, but AMOSSHE doesn't necessarily endorse the views and standpoints of our supporters.

Here's AMOSSHE's business engagement policy.

How can I support AMOSSHE?

You can contribute to the work of AMOSSHE in two main ways: annual sponsorship and conference sponsorship.

To find out more about supporting AMOSSHE, please contact John Bloomfield, Executive Director, at

Why support AMOSSHE?

AMOSSHE represents, informs and supports Student Services professionals across the UK, and promotes and advocates for the student experience. If your organisation works in the higher education sector and is as committed to the student experience as we are, you can help further the reach and scope of our work by becoming an annual supporter or helping to deliver one of our continuing professional development events.

Our members include over 150 UK higher education providers, as well as several overseas universities, so our interest in supporting students is inclusive and wide ranging. As a supporter, your organisation can work with our broad membership base to share your expertise and contribute to the development of the sector.

AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is a UK non-profit professional association. Company registration number 4778650.
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