AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation, informs and supports the leaders of Student Services in the UK, and represents, advocates for and promotes the student experience worldwide.

AMOSSHE is a professional membership association for leaders of Student Services in UK higher education. Student Services departments in nearly all publicly funded UK higher education providers are members of AMOSSHE, as well as several overseas universities.

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Our members’ work supports students in fulfilling their academic potential and making the most of university life. Many of our members’ services specifically help the most vulnerable students to experience higher education in a fair manner. Our members’ services are delivered in a professional way with a commitment to equality of opportunity and the promotion of an inclusive university community that meets the needs of the diverse student body.

Through a commitment to peer support and sharing of practice our members contribute to the development of Student Services’ professional practice in higher education.


Governing principles and policies

AMOSSHE conducts its business in line with its organisational policies and association documents, including the articles and rules of association. Find them here: Governance documents.

AMOSSHE’s expertise is developed from its membership and collective learning. The information provided on and made available through our resources are for information purposes only. Ideas and comments issued by AMOSSHE in consultation responses or other policy briefings are expressions of ideas drawn together from across the AMOSSHE membership. The views and opinions expressed are those of AMOSSHE and don't necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any institution or organisation. AMOSSHE doesn't issue specific advice to managers or departments on their conduct and isn't a trade union.

AMOSSHE's history

The Association of Heads of Polytechnic Student Services was formed in 1976. Then in 1992 the organisation’s constitution was rewritten and the Association of Managers of Student Services in Higher Education (AMOSSHE) formed. In the 2000s the organisation rebranded as AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation to reflect our broadening membership.

AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is a UK non-profit professional association. Company registration number 4778650.
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