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AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation, is a professional membership association. Nearly all publicly funded higher education providers in the UK (93%) are members, as well as institutions around world. Over 600 people are part of our membership network.

As an AMOSSHE member you can make the most of our supportive membership network and share valuable expertise with other Student Services professionals both nationally and in your region. You can also benefit from our continuing professional development events, member briefings and policy input, as well as project work to develop materials for more effective practice.

Guided by its members, AMOSSHE takes the lead in addressing challenges and equipping Student Services professionals for success in both your personal development and the context of your organisation, to deliver the very best service for students.

If your organisation is based outside the UK, as an international member of AMOSSHE you can contribute to the expertise of our professional association, and in turn benefit from AMOSSHE’s resources, which include tools and research useful to Student Services departments around the world.

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Who can join AMOSSHE?

AMOSSHE membership is open to organisations that primarily deliver higher education level teaching provision and normally have a student population of at least 50% studying in higher education. Most AMOSSHE member organisations are UK-based, but membership is also available for international higher education providers.

If you're employed by an organisation that's already an AMOSSHE member, you can join as an additional member for that organisation.


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Student Services in most UK higher education providers already take advantage of AMOSSHE's membership benefits. You should be part of the community.


Membership facts

93% of UK HE providers are AMOSSHE members

170 member organisations

639 named members

How is membership structured?

UK higher education providers

For UK-based higher education provider organisations, membership is tiered depending on how many full-time equivalent higher education students the organisation has (FTE HE students). Each organisation has one named lead member who represents the higher education provider for membership votes, and usually manages the membership for their organisation. Lead members should be staff in leadership roles in Student Services. Each organisation also has at least one named core member in addition to the lead member. Named core members get all the benefits of AMOSSHE membership as part of their organisation's core membership cost, except that they can't take part in membership votes. Here's how the membership is tiered:

FTE HE students Membership tier Number of named members
One to 10,000 Tier 1 Lead + 1 named core member
10,000 to 20,000 Tier 2 Lead + 2 named core members
Over 20,000 Tier 3 Lead + 3 named core members

Additional named members

Each member organisation can have any number of additional named members on top of the lead and core named members, for an extra cost per individual. These memberships are invoiced directly to the individual member. They get all the benefits of AMOSSHE membership, except that they can't take part in membership votes. The additional members may include staff outside of the Student Services department, but they must be associated with a member organisation.

International membership

International membership is for overseas higher education providers or similar bodies. Each international member organisation has one named lead member. Any number of additional named members can join for an extra cost per individual, in the same way as for UK higher education provider members.


How much does membership cost?

AMOSSHE membership lasts for an academic year (1 September to 31 August). You can only pay for one year at a time. If your organisational membership begins over halfway through the academic year, you pay half the cost of a full year.

Rates for academic year 2016/17

Here are the fee rates for membership. You don't need to pay VAT.

2016-17 membership rates

Please contact us for conversion rates for international membership.

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Student Services in most UK higher education providers already take advantage of AMOSSHE's membership benefits. You should be part of the community.



What are the benefits of AMOSSHE membership?


AMOSSHE's members include the most experienced Student Services leaders in the country, dealing with real and demanding challenges every day. As a member, you become part of a supportive community, helping each other out and promoting good practice.

Members share their experience, knowledge and advice through exclusive Jiscmail email lists, to connect with peers both nationally and regionally. Networking through AMOSSHE brings you real, practical benefits in a reliable, secure and trustworthy environment.

National and regional groups

AMOSSHE members meet in their nations and regions to discuss themes affecting them, network with colleagues and provide local peer support. Usually, one named AMOSSHE member from each higher education provider represents their organisation at the regional group. AMOSSHE national and regional groups are Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and five regional groups for England: East Anglia, midlands, north, London and the south east, and south west.

Sector updates

AMOSSHE provides its members with news and information that's tailored to the interests of Student Services professionals. As a member you get:

  • Weekly updates about policy developments, sector news, projects, events, jobs and funding opportunities.
  • Quarterly members bulletins, including updates on AMOSSHE national and
  • Executive activity, policy news, events and continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Access to the members' resources of this website, including shared policies and job descriptions, sector research, and AMOSSHE project reports and tools.

Exclusive research

AMOSSHE members contribute to an annual Student Services benchmarking survey to help the community maintain a broad understanding of higher education Student Services across the UK. AMOSSHE issues a report of the survey findings to its members, commenting on major trends across the sector.

The survey provides valuable information about the scale and scope of Student Services in UK higher education. Members can use the data for benchmarking and comparing. As a national organisation, the survey enables AMOSSHE to present a clear and accurate picture of Student Services in policy debates.

AMOSSHE also funds member-led projects to support professional practice or developments in Student Services. These projects result in research, recommendations, toolkits, guidance and other resources.

Professional development events

AMOSSHE offers several professional development events each year. Members can attend at a discounted rate, which makes these events a cost effective way to maintain your continuing professional development (CPD). There are two main types of event:

  • Large networking conferences taking a strategic overview or discussing hot topics selected from member suggestions and horizon scanning to prepare you for the future.
  • Small practical workshops involving detailed case study work or focussed discussion groups.

If you work for an AMOSSHE member organisation and you want to attend one or more of our events, it's more cost effective to become an additional member, because the cost of membership is soon offset by the event discounts. AMOSSHE also supports several external events, and in doing so secures discounts for AMOSSHE members to attend.

International exchange programme

AMOSSHE hosts a bi-annual exchange programme with the US student affairs organisation NASPA. Up to five AMOSSHE delegates visit a selection of universities or colleges in one or more US states, then two years later a similar number of AMOSSHE member institutions host visits from US student affairs managers. This is an excellent way of finding out more about international practices, and new ways of working. AMOSSHE is also developing links with, amongst others, professional sector bodies in Australia and Canada.

AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation is a UK non-profit professional association. Company registration number 4778650.
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