AMOSSHE is a membership organisation. Nearly all publicly funded higher education providers in the UK are members, as well as institutions around world. Over 500 people are part of our membership network.

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What do our members say about AMOSSHE?

Here are some comments our members have made about AMOSSHE:

"AMOSSHE really is one of the best networks and organisations I have ever been involved in and it has been an absolute pleasure to be a member of such a group. Members are generous with their time and with their knowledge, willingly sharing information and ideas to move our shared agenda forward and to serve our students in higher education."

“I value the sense of belonging and a shared purpose that comes with AMOSSHE membership”

“I think AMOSSHE is great... Keep at it!

“AMOSSHE is a very important source of professional support, updating knowledge and CPD opportunities”

“My thanks to and respect for AMOSSHE colleagues for their work in support of our profession”

“Excellent value for money

CPD events have been useful, and the collaborative work with the Leadership Foundation has been productive”

"I continue to have the highest respect and praise for AMOSSHE"

"I have found AMOSSHE to be very useful in thinking through all aspects of services and for the development of services in my institution"

"Very important and worthwhile"

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