AMOSSHE member etiquette and expectations

Key to AMOSSHE as a professional association is a sense of community, shared values, and a commitment to sharing knowledge to benefit the experience of students. In order to ensure that our community is an effective and supportive space, AMOSSHE asks members to consider the following points when engaging with fellow members.

AMOSSHE handles its members’ data in accordance with our privacy policy. AMOSSHE assumes that all members consent to our privacy policy. You can amend your membership profile and subscription settings at any time. Your personal profile is only visible to other AMOSSHE members, and you can control which details they can see. Manage your personal profile here.

AMOSSHE also asks members to consider these points of etiquette when engaging with fellow members:

  • AMOSSHE has developed a set of values (PDF 86 KB), which members should consider and espouse when engaging with colleagues at AMOSSHE events and through AMOSSHE networking channels, including the website.
  • Members should be considerate and sensitive when using mailing lists, and ensure that sharing information is in the spirit of developing good practice.
  • When using mailing lists provided by Jisc, members should consider Jisc's policy for using Jiscmail appropriately: Service Policies.
  • Members should not use AMOSSHE mailing lists and communication channels to promote corporate companies or for financial gain through promotion of any services.
  • If you ask fellow members to share their knowledge through surveys or by collecting data, the interests of developing good practice across the sector are best served if you share the results or outcomes with those who contributed, and/or the wider membership. Any data you collect should be used sensitively and anonymised where appropriate.
  • Any member referred to AMOSSHE for misuse of communication channels may face removal from the membership or those specific channels.

If you have any queries or appeals about member conduct, please contact the AMOSSHE Executive Committee at Any decisions made by the Executive Committee are final.


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